Installing MacOS X in a VirtualBox VM

While attempting to follow some instructions on how to install Mac OS X in a VirtualBox VM, I came across a number of hurdles. This is how I overcame them.

1. When booting the VM from the MAC OS X DVD you get “system config file ‘’ not found” messages:

The fix for this is really simple and I felt a bit silly when I discovered it: Click inside the window the VM is running in – for some reason the DVD’s boot process requires the VM to have focus.

2. EBIOS Read Errors and the DVD not appearing in the list of things to boot from:

As I was using a real DVD I had to tick the ‘pass-through’ setting for my DVD drive in the storage options for this problem to go away.

Now I have Mac OS installed in a VirtualBox, I can start experimenting with using a Linux host as the target for TimeMachine backups.

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